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CRA foyer in Prince George after Duty of Care ruling; no one came out to greet usCRA foyer in Prince George after Duty of Care ruling; no one came out to greet usEver wonder where the term "lerouxed" came from?  This is the honest to God's truth about how it came to be and, more specifically, who actually came up with it .....

In 2009 after Irvin's story first went public a fellow from Vancouver contacted us.  This guy had been in tax court battling with CRA for years over eligible tax credits.  He wanted to come up to Prince George and talk to Irvin face to face about how Irvin beat CRA in tax court and hear Irvin's whole story.  So, the fellow came to Prince George.  While he was here in PG he also met with a couple of friends he knew from university.  One evening he met one of his buddies at a local pub.  The fellow and his friend had a great time catching up and talking about their successful careers - the fellow had no need or desire to share his taxman problems with this old buddy and so he never mentioned CRA.  Later in the evening, his buddy's girlfriend joined them.  After some quick introductions, the fellow learns the girlfriend works for CRA.

She describes that she has worked for the federal government since she was 19 years old (since 1986) in a couple of different departments.  Of course, before it was Canada Revenue Agency CRA, it was Canada Customs and Revenue Agency CCRA.  She describes her work on the Canada Customs side definitely had its perks.  As the evening rolls along and drinks continue to flow the girlfriend talks about the good old days when you knew who was working at a border crossing and who might be a little more tolerant of you bringing goods across than others.  Also, who may turn the other cheek when you might be bringing stuff over for the boss etc. etc.

The fellow keeps looking to his buddy, who simply seems to be enjoying the stories and watching his girlfriend tell them.

THEN, she starts to talk about CRA.  She specifically mentions Irvin's story.  She begins by saying have you heard about the guy that we said owed us a million dollars, but he actually didn't owe us anything and so now he's sueing us?  At the office, that's what we call being "lerouxed!"

The fellow cannot believe what he is hearing and of course asks what she means.....  She says that's the guy's name, LerouxWe call it being "lerouxed", when we can pick on someone, anyone who doesn't have a chance of beating us because we make the rules and when we say they owe, they owe.  She goes on to say, like this guy lost everything trying to beat us and even though he was right, he still lost everything anyway.

Drinks continue to flow.  She says being lerouxed is even when you win, you lose because we have unlimited resources to beat people and most people just pay because they can't afford to fight us.  She goes on to describe that CRA and its employees have a lot of power from the government to basically run free rein and have complete responsibility to collect money for the government.

And that's the story as Irvin heard it the next morning; it was another punch to the gut.  It made us sick and even more angry at the absolute arrogance and lack of empathy and/or feeling of any kind to treat taxpayers fairly revealed in that conversation!

Yes, to be "lerouxed" is to be picked on at the worst or most vulnerable time - like Irvin starting a business.  The odds of being able to financially and physically stand up to rogue auditors, negligent collectors and unaccountable appeals officers are little to none for the little guy.  Of course, she added, we don't make mistakes, when we say you owe, you owe and that's the way it is.