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If you would like to donate to Irvin's trust fund for legal costs for restitution,

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I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  Please be assured all contributions remain anonymous and please feel free to contact me at any time.

The duty of care victory is shared with everyone who has supported me along the way - financial or otherwise.  I could not have battled on alone, but I need to finish the war and win restitution for what CRA and this justice system took from me.  thank you.

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Following the Duty of Care victory ruling, we have received many emails and phone calls from people asking how they can help Irvin win restitution for his losses.

There is no compensation coming from the government.  

The judge ruled that CRA auditors were negligent in their dealings with Irvin and that they owed him a duty of care BUT she did not rule on any amount of damages to be awarded to Irvin.  We continue to fundraise because we need a lawyer to sue Irvin's trial lawyer as outlined below.

"My only recourse is to sue the lawyer who represented me at the trial," says Irvin, "that lawyer failed to present the judge with evidence and to call expert witnesses!"  Throughout the three week trial in Prince George, B.C. in Sept-Oct 2013, Irvin kept insisting to his lawyer that key pieces of evidence needed to be introduced but the lawyer never handed those pieces of evidence up to the judge.  Irvin was visibly shocked while testifying on the stand when he told the judge she could expect to hear from an expert accountant from Deloitte & Touche.  As Irvin was testifying, the lawyer contradicted him stating the expert witness would not even be called!  Even the judge seemed surprised the expert accountant would not be called as a witness.

At trial, Irvin with his lawyer and law student. At trial, Irvin with his lawyer and law student. Also, during breaks in the trial the lawyer refused to act according to Irvin's instruction.  The lawyer simply said "Irvin, go ahead and fire me if you want, but then you are on your own."  Since the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) was funding the lawyer on a contingency basis for Irvin, he expressed his concerns to them.  The CCF responded that if Irvin did not appreciate the lawyer it had provided, there would be an irreconcilable difference between he and the CCF and it would cease funding in the case.

And this is the vicious circle of our system.  The lawyer was on a mission not to step on any toes with the judge, with the Department of Justice lawyers and certainly with CRA itself.  What choice did Irvin have?  All he could do was keep insisting to his lawyer that witnesses be called and key pieces of evidence be handed to the judge, but he could not proceed on his own.  We're not lawyers or judges.  We don't belong in their world.  Just ask anyone (any self-litigant) who has represented themselves in any court, let alone up against the Department of Justice.  Department of Justice lawyersDepartment of Justice lawyersDepartment of Justice lawyersDepartment of Justice lawyers

The court system, processes and procedures are incredibly complex, challenging, costly, and very intimidating.  There are many deadlines and rules that make it extremely difficult for individuals to appear on their own behalf.   Even our own Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin comments that so many challenges and obstacles in our system make it difficult for ordinary Canadians to obtain justice.

Now Irvin's challenge is to find a lawyer to help him sue another lawyer.  And, of course, all lawyers have insurance and counsel to represent them for these very instances.  And, of course, there are lawyers who like to sue other lawyers.  But like anyone, lawyers like to get paid and this is why we continue to fundraise. 

One way to support Irvin in this final battle for restitution is to donate to the trust fund.  Another way is to share the story of being “Lerouxed” to as many of your friends as you can, join the facebook group, contact your Member of Parliament, the Minister of National Revenue, the Prime Minister and let them know the CRA must not be allowed to bully Canadian taxpayers anymore. 

Let them know we are standing up to evil-doers at CRA and how many lives are being destroyed by this rogue agency.